It's Alright, I'm Ok.

A secret cannot be much of a secret if you already know this fact. However, this song seems to reflect what I have been feeling recently. No matter the problems with my life, or the things that once happened. The truth is that now I am happy. This is a fact that has the power to amaze me, because it has been very long since I could be able to say "It's alright, I'm ok" without the need of pretending to actually be.

I thank the experiences and pain I went through. Thanks to them I am now who I am.

There's no need to be redundant.

I am fine as long as my heart agrees to it and as long as you are the same. So please: be free, be safe, be happy, be loved and be sane. I am always here. I am always your friend. Don't you dare run away...

If you are scared, just hold my hand. Just reach for me... Believe in me. I can make this work. I can take away the pain if only you allow me to.

SeaOfSecrets SeaOfSecrets
18-21, F
Sep 30, 2011