From Riches To Rags To Riches

Im sitting alone in my depressing apartment, but with a very positive outlook, finally. I'm 19, I grew up with a great family, mom, dad, sister. Mom died when I was 12, dad started dating two months later and that was it for a father figure. My sister is four years older then me and always tried protecting me in a motherly fashion. By 16 I was a full blown oxy addict sniffing atleast 8 80s a day. Slowly but shortly I was shooting heroine, coke, and smoking crack. And like, in high school I was a three sport varsity athlete since freshman year, sophomore year two junior year one sport then senior drop out. I came from good blood but burnt all those bridges. I'm 100 days clean today and I did it on my own living in a college dorm. I got all my friends back that aren't addicts and have more genuine real people that don't use me and even my worst days are better then my best when I was getting high. My drug use got me kicked out when I was 15, did the whole friends couch thing until all the parents got sick of taking care of me and ended up in the Atlantic city shelter. I'm finally on my feet and i can safely say i am succeeding in my expectations but the bar needs to be raised. I tried making this short and sweet because I intend to someday write my story down, for myself mostly. But I feel this typing helped me vent, so thanks for listening ep
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1 Response May 18, 2012

Hi, congrats on the 100 days clean !!! You are so young and have already had some hectic life battles. Keep writing, keep a journal to look back on. Your already stronger than you think. Sending many blessings your way xx

Thanks I appreciate that honestly.