i have friends in my head. am i crazy i just need a friend to tell everything to or my head will explode
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I have friends in my head too. We play board games together and I talk to them when I'm alone. I don't think its crazy. If you believe that someone is there and hears you, than your right.
Don't think of me as crazy but I believe that our world lives touching another world and we can befriend those on the other side, if we try hard enough. Please don't make fun of me...

P.S. If you rather keep it confidential, let me know any resource where I can send you my email address to, so that you can explain me over there. Ok? i hope your not some online psycho. no offense i just want to be safe

I sent you an email address. Understand your well justified concern, so
non taken, pls. read the note and then the decision is yours, ok? bye now.

Hi scared friend. Ok, first of all, breathe, calm, and lets try to figure this out, next, in order to provide you as much help as I can from here, you need to provide me more information on what you are sensing or hearing. There are certain possible scientific explanations for this and high chances you are not crazy and sharing with a friend is fine as long as you know this person enough to make sure he/she will understand you, due to your age, which is very young, I recommend you to first talk to someone that is a bit more mature, in a few cases, professional counseling is needed. As you can see it's a wide range, so we need to define which channel is appropriate for you. Again, I need more info. about your case. How do you sense your friends? are they visible to you? are they friends that you can only see inside your head? are their characteristics similar to anyone you know physically? or how do they look like? can you hear and understand their voices? do they talk coherent? what exactly you hear from them? are they friendly? have they showed aggression either to you or others? do they encourage you to act on a certain way? do they encourage you to do things that you think are not right?, how do you sense their energy? (positive / negative). I do need to have more info. from you in order to advice you on the right way, I am a health counselor, so feel free to talk to me.

What do you mean friends in your head? Do they talk to you? Do you see them? What are they telling you?

well in your condition you should pray to GOD. i also experience that nobody listen or believe in me. GOD always know each and everyone of us so don't lose hope. When there is life there is hope.

very good experience darling

I know the feeling except I don't trust people with my inner workings, so I journal. It has kept me from losing it, but gives me the chance to let it out--works for me... It may seem impersonal but it has gotten me through some really rough times. Good luck darlin'