A Love Too Wrong For Words

I'm currently with my best friends brother and she doesn't know it. He's 22 and I'm 18. My other BFF, slept with him right after we broke up about a year ago, and when she told me about it she said that she loved him and that she thinks he loves her too. Well he came to me and said that he misses me, we are now kind of back together. But he has a girlfriend more apropret for his age, he is cheating on her with me.
(I am not IN love with him, but I do really like him)
ChyBabie ChyBabie
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2012

Hi there! I don't know if I am kind of misunderstanding your post, but apparently it looks like a variation of the cat-string theory, you don't love him, you like him and now you are kind of back with him because he has been with someone else. In your case I don't think it is the age the issue here, as you may have heard, women mature way faster than men, its a fact. although you see him older, dont assume he is mature. The answer is written in your post, you don't love him, so why to live an awkward situation if its not even worth it? Look around, there are much more guys than the one you don't love. Good luck!