I Didn't Know He Was Married.

This is a secret of mine, not for the more obvious reason, but for another reason. I pretend I don't care about much, but I do, and this is an example.

I had an affair with a man I met, who's a regular customer at my uncle's fabric shop. I help out at the shop when I can, but I didn't know him all that well either way. We ran into each other at the grocery and he helped me load some stuff into my motorcycle compartment.

Not sure how it snowballed from there. Numbers were exchanged, calls, too. We ended up sleeping together, and when I got out of the shower afterward, he told me he was married. And I was a bit upset, but he looked sad, so I didn't blow up at him just yet. I asked him why he was telling me that, just to make me feel bad? He said no.

Instead, he told me he was the one that felt bad, because he loved his wife but they hadn't had sex in two years. So, I frowned. And he said that two years ago, they were going to have their first baby. Bought all the baby stuff and chose a perfect name - Israel, the name would be. When his wife went into labor, the baby was born dead. No one understood how. And she hadn't let her husband touch her since.

He looked at me like he was expecting something from me, like comfort. I don't know how to comfort grown men. So, I got my stuff and left. It's been a little less than two weeks, and I haven't seen him since. But I still ache inside when I think about it. I wish he hadn't told me any of that. Wish he'd just kick me out of his bed and be done with it.

I wonder if she just suffers in silence. I wonder if she suspects her husband looking for comfort in other women, or if she even cares.
staysentimental staysentimental
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013