Why Do I Do This?

OK i admit it, i like to wedgie myself. I like the way it feels, i don't know why. I even like to spank myself. i lay in bed every night and wedgie myself to sleep. in the morning i take a belt and spank myself until i cry. for me its a way to get stress out. im 14 yrs old. i don't know why i like doing this. why do i?
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Psychologists are people who deal with things like this and whom you can share your secrets and by law they can't talk about that to anyone outside their clinics. So if this troubles you, you should go to a Psychologists and talk about this even if you feel ashamed about this, they will certainly be able to give you a good advice about this or help if needed.

Does the wedgie thing have anything to do w/ stress or is it just fun & satisfying physically?

It's psychological. I hope you don't have or haven't had any mental or physical trauma from abuse. 14 is far too young to feel so much stress that hurting yourself is how you relieve it. Maybe you should talk w/ someone about your stress if it's that bad.