Taken In Hand

Why would a woman want to be spanked?
A women’s desire for a naked- over-the –knee spanking is twofold. Part of her wants to be wanted. She wants someone to belong to, someone that really cares about her. Part of her wants to be disciplined.
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2 Responses Jan 28, 2013

Yes, you are right about that. When my bf first spanked me (years ago with previous bf), it was a surprise to us both. It just happened during our sex play. Much of my attraction to him was because he was dominant and took charge of our relationship. He was former military and a dad of three. He was tall and athletic. I liked doing what he said, and he liked instructing me. This day he bent me over his knee and spanked my bare bottom so hard I cried. He pulled me back up and when I looked in his eyes he had tears in them. He said that he'd never experienced that kind of sexual power and desire before. I told him I liked him hitting me so hard, and it gave me the feeling of being controlled, which I needed. We always enjoyed this ritual from then on.

Any ladies agree?