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Smoking - Age 16

It used to be just at parties, ocasionaly you know? But now I sit in classrooms with the pen in my mouth just wishing I had a cigarette. It's like an addiction, I try not to smoke and then I'll go to a party and the cravings get worse. I'm only 16 and so confused. I only smoked cigarettes occasionaly and now It's all I can think about :( what's happening?
S3cr3tGirl S3cr3tGirl 16-17, F 1 Response Jan 31, 2013

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Please, for the sake of your health, DON'T SMOKE! Ingredients in cigs are extremely addictive & toxic! If you have an addictive personality it makes the cravings worse. You may need help. Most people battling w/ cig cravings do. Don't kid yourself, get help before you find yourself not over the cravings very soon.

Thanks, the issue is that no one (except a couple friends) even know I do smoke :/ so getting help is difficult. Sometimes I just don't care anymore. But thanks :)

You're welcome. It may be tough but you need to talk to your parents about it. Just be open & honest. They can't fault you for that. Express that you realize that you made a mistake & you need help before it turns into a big prob. If you can't or won't do that, try the counselor @ school or maybe your state has a free program to help people to quit smoking. Both of those options may be required to notify your parents though. You & your friends really should do something to quit. Smoking is seriously bad for your health. Suffering w/ the health effects from smoking & 2nd hand smoke is sooo not worth it. Various forms of cancer, emphysema, severe allergies, heart disease, chronic cough & stroke
are just a few of them. Get help.

Thanks so much, i might go see the school nurse about it :) thanks this really helped!

NP. :-) But for serious, get help.

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