Latley, across EP ive come across a very magical person. She has real magic powers :o
im serious, shes a fairy. She can grant any wish and is one of the most awesome people on EP ever. I don't normally share rare secrets like this but her user is sakura09girl.

GlassySky GlassySky
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+hey sakura09, I'D talked to her but maybe you're talking 'bout sakura09girl haha

😉That's great👏

Yeh uk her?


U just randomly find this post :0?

Yes actually😂👏

I think i know u , seems nostalgic .-.

Really lmao ?

ur 22 days late <.>

Ik sorry :/ haven't been on here in a while

u been ok :O?

Yeh actually better :)

thtz good

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How old are you and you still believe in fairy
What else do you believe Santa?

How young r u to not get this joke :(?

After a 2nd read I did sorry :P

Who's that person? Perhaps we can meet her as well...

Sakura09girl :0

True story

You crazy

Not completly :(