I Have A Secret...

When I was a freshman in college, I used to tell my family that I had plenty of money for living expenses. I hated asking my family for any money, so I would sell my plasma on a weekkly basis for an extra $130 per month. I would go to different plasma centers around town, so I could donate more frequently. And... my family never knew. 

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That's awesome! Thank you for the idea.

My secret is that I am a closet pedophille......I haven't acted on my urges but its driving me crazy.

I don't understand this. What is attractive about little kids? I can maybe see older teens like 16-17 ish. But even that's pushing it. What is so great about little kids that you feel sexual urges for them?

Dont understand it either .......

You need to see someone about your urges. You cannot keep fighting them alone and if you ever give in to them it is literally the worst thing anyone could possibly do to another person.

That is like asking a gay guy what is so attractive about other guys. Their minds are wired differently

Please don't act on your urges. I know that it is NOT your fault that you feel this way, but please don't do it. Go to get help. If you rape a child that could ruin their entire life. It is horrible and I'm so sorry that you feel this way

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That is so dangerous. You are lucky nothing happened

We all have to live and learn.If not working, good way to earn money.

I respect you. You wanted to be independent so you took it upon yourself to create income. I did the same in college too. I hated every minute of it but it gave me spending money and the chance to help people too.

nothing foolish about that. i THINK it is to be commended when you didnt want to hardship your parents!! yay for you. I also am that way. Wish my kids treated ME that way. .

well, you were young and foolish; that is what made you give your blood on a weekly basis. i also wanted to try this method so i could get some money to invest in the stock market. but i didn't know how to go about it and dropped the idea.

oh I thought you meant your plasma TV haha. I am stupid. That's good, I wonder where you live, you don't get paid to donate in my country!

Omg lool same!

I thought it was about the TV also until I read it twice more. LOL!