I'm So Nosy

I am very curious about people.  When I had roommates in college, I would go through their things.  This is something I haven't done since, but I feel bad about it.  They say never peek through a keyhole lest you be vexed.  I can't remember much of what I learned from those girl's things, but I regret it.  Most of all I regret going though my brother and sister-in-law's stuff when they let me stay with them.  I even discovered a diary and read some of it!  I still like to watch strangers and try to overhear what they say.   Being a socially isolated person, I feel like people are fascinating--if only I can get to observe them.  But don't let me into your house unattended, because I might be tempted to snoop. 

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Aw, I like that attitude!

haha, as wrong as this may seem to most, i liked reading this! <br />
Especially "mr. I went through my sister's diary and read she read my diary" That's just great. <br />
<br />
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Its all good really, life is supposed to be fun and if you're havin a great time snoopin, snoop away! Just try not to get caught i guess! <br />
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And you may snoop through my mind anytime =)


Ha ha! Just don't sneak up on me when you're done checking out my closet.

No problem, I will probably go through your things while you are in the shower anyway. lol

I hope I never get to where I peep through people's windows!

a little voyeur in you i think lol

I must confess I started looking through my husbands little notes (like a diary in a way) but just thoughts on many many peices of paper he would keep in the closet in an open drawer with a jumper covering it. It was like a lucky dip I would just reach in and get out a carefully folded piece of paper and read it. Most of it was boring (politics) and incidental but every now and then Id see a lovely phrase to a poem or a thought about his in laws or his past. Yes some of it was heavy. <br />
Before he met me he had been jilted and rejected by a few women and he exprssed a mistrust and dislike of certain women in his writing, though sometimes it came accross as all but he has changed his views now weve been together for quite a number of years and married for 5) I wanted to talk to him about some of it as it concerned me but was aware hed be angry I'd snooped. <br />
I told him if he was more open I wouldnt need to do it (hes a very secretive person ) After that I got hooked and I have also checked his wallet (when he was in the shower) and a briefcase he kept in a wardrobe. I discovered he has a fetish for humiliation and domination by females, he had photocopies of cartoons and animations and stories belonging to a website that catered to it. I was quite shocked back then and decided to talk to him about it as I didnt want it impacting our relationship. He assured me he liked having a normal relationship with me and they were just fantasies. <br />
One day I found a business card in his wallet from a Dominatrix hed been seeing. He confessed he didnt want to keep going there and that he couldnt explain it. <br />
Anyway that was three years ago and he assured me that is all behind him (the visits) so I am over it and accept the past and have moved on and trust him. <br />
Except I once recently found more "humiliation literature in his car while looking for something else" we discussed this and he became angry and so there is no point in me bringing it up anymore I accept this part of him and it does not impact on our intimate life together. I even asked him if he wanted me to dress up and play the part and he said "no I want you to be as you are and I like it to be normal with you" Anyway I try not to look at the notes (havnt looked for a year now, I tell myself there is nothing new I already know everything. <br />
I still occassionally check his wallet though. Oddly enough I dont feel guilty about it as (well a little) in light of the things Ive discovered in the past, but I will try to stop as it makes me anxious. I think I get an adrenalin rush at discovering something significant. <br />
Anyway I have that off my chest now and will try to focus on other areas of my life that are far more important.

It helps to know it's not only me that did that. I wonder what embarrassing things would come out if someone snooped in my apartment? There is a picture of Johnny Depp on the closet wall....

i understand! I do it too, cant help myself! <br />
i house-sat for a family a while back and just went through everything. i figured that the kids may have boobytrapped their rooms so they would know if id been in there, but from past expereince i know to reset their traps. <br />
its a very strange obession of mine, but i figured at least its not harming anyone, so it isnt that bad. actually i know its bad, but i just try to justify it everytime i tell mysefl its a invasion of privacy.

I snooped on my younger sister and read her diary. That is where I learned that my sister had been reading my diary.

:) I'll try to be good--I wouldn't want to snoop on you! You're too cool.