I Sleep With Married Men, By Choice

and I don't regret it. I even prefer them, because I can give them back.

perigrine perigrine
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me too! i'm enjoying the comments of those who revile you ... because they aren't seeing the joy of it all. as long as everyone can keep their dirty laundry to themselves, it's quite fun. and, as you say, they are not yours and so you give them back. :)

You like sleeping with married men as it acts to boost your self esteem, because it's seemingly obvious that you have little to none. Enjoy it while it lasts. One day you may be on the receiving end. It may even cause you to feel regret and give you insight in to how those poor other woman felt. But I shouldn't give you all the credit as you are only part of the blame, if you are aware at the time that these men are married. These married men that you sleep with are utterly pathetic, insecure, spineless. So tell me again why this seems so appealing to you? If this to boost your self esteem well then I don't know why you would feel good about sleeping with married men, as men think with their penises when it comes to affairs. You don't have to be nothing more than a female and available. Nothing else to them matters. You don't regret it, I'm sure you don't, and yes you prefer to give them back. Just as they are happy for you to give them back. Start showing the slightest interest, and for them it's done with. I say, if you want relationships ba<x>sed purely on sexual intimacy, at least move to Nevada and make a career out of it. You'll get your regulars customers and some money to go along with it.

Like trying on used clothes?<br />
Do they fall to the floor when your done or do you hang them back up or maybe return them to the sales clerk?<br />
Do you just try them on or take them for a test drive?<br />
Is this like window shopping wishing you could purchase? Even used.<br />
May I suggest that you actually speak to the previous owners and find out what the defects are before the road test. <br />
You and the current owner just might like to make a night of it.<br />
Just a thought.

I hate you.

Been there done that. Turns out there is no pleasure in being attached to, or even having no strings attached sex with a loser who cant come clean to his wife. Having marital problems? Get help or get a divorce. There is the extreme case where the affair might actually help the marriage, but I doubt you're a saint, I damn well know I'm not.

i am also looking someone like that... in dubai......

good on you Peri, and you should have no regrets you did not force them.Is nt it a great feeling just to walk away no strings. lol