I Had A Crush..

  • i had a crush on this guy.. apparently he is a brother of my friend... his name is MARK JULIUS FERANIL.. hehehe.. since i think he doesn't have an account here i would like to damn scream that i like him!! so much!!
isza isza
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5 Responses Feb 9, 2010

Hmm...its me that your all talking LOL

but too scared to let him know.. might as well; we lose our good start AS friends.. :( wahhh.. <br />
<br />
*oh my.. maybe i shouldnt post his name here.. hehehhehe..

I agree with latinlana22 ,go ahead girl and tell him..you have nothing to lose

Why dont you tell him he might feel the same way about you and you dont even know. I say tell him **** what could go wrong at least youll know if he likes you or not. Arent you dieing to find out