I Used To Despise My Mother-in-law

The relationship between me and my mother-in-law hasn't always been rosy. After the initial cordial exchanges, I started dreading being related to her. She was mostly the main source of any type of arguments between me and my husband. And the more arguments we had about her and her quirky ways, the more I despised her. I mean, she made our wedding planning difficult, and any get-together a real hassle. It was never really pleasant between us. And we both knew it... and it really tore my husband apart that we could not get along.

But then we had a baby girl, and I knew that I could not deprive my mother-in-law of her right to see her grandchild grow up. And of course, being a mom now I also know how many sacrifices a mother makes for her child. The grandparent visits have improved our relationship since there is something more important to talk about - our new baby girl. The relationship isn't anywhere close to perfect yet, but at least it has meaning to me now which is much more than what it used to be.

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Your husband should stand up for you. Glad to hear it is improving. If it gets too bad then relocate to another place far away.

I still hate mine.<br />
She's hates my guts thinks i'm not good enough for her son, is nice to me to my face but insults me behind my back. I avoid her at all costs =]<br />
<br />
I'm glad you get along with yours now.

unless the Mother In Law decides she has a mission and right to try and brainwash your children to her religion even tho my husband is no longer one (RC)! I am so glad we lived in a different city with the religeous fanatical family I married into. They say they are accepting and tolerant but I have never met such a bunch of judgemental and snooty people in my life

My mom used to be very against my sister in law, and that totally changed when there was a granddaughter. Now they are very friendly. But my niece is a handful for sure! :) My dad and I talk about her all the time! I'm glad things are going well for you.