Can't Let Go

I'm a 21yo guy and I still have my stuffed dog when I was a kid. Oh, and I still have a favorite blanket

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Your just saying what a lot of people have. I still have two stuffed animals from when I was a kid. THey might be in a box, but I know where they are at. We have stuffed teddies at our bed. I am 53 and wife is 50. My comment is - so what

There are just certain items you get attached to and can't stand to let go of; nothing wrong with that.<br />
<br />
My boyfriend had 2 large stuffed ducks that he still slept with.He was nice enough to give me one to keep me safe too and now I sleep with it every night. =)

I'm 20 and I still have my baby blanket and special stuffed animals from when I was a kid. I don't plan on getting rid of them either. And I sleep with stuffed animals at night. I say good for you, don't feel ashamed. I reckon it's great.

Well it is comforting. I hug my pillow to fall asleep sometimes. lol. kind of like a stuffed animal.

i still have stuff when i was a kid too


shieeettt i'm a 22year old woman still sleep with my stuffed dog! and i still have my baby blanket.. any maybe some barbies to... in my dads attic

that's sweet :D

I am 36 and still have my favorite blankie. There is nothing wrong with it. Maybe it brings good memories or as others said comfort. Either way don't let go.. Power to the blankie..Power to the doggie. :)

I am 25 with a daughter and i sill have my stuffed toy. Because i made her real as a child so its hard to let go of something that feels real to you. How can it be possible to make them unreal. I believe if it makes you happy keep it. That is what the human experience is about.

You had your dog stuffed!<br />
Well that's pretty bazaar... I would have got a new one...

I'm a 20 (soon to be 21) year old women and I also have a fave blanket.

I'm in my fifties and have my animals plus my Grandmothers Raggety Ann, they were even an icon here once and I'm thinking about putting that back on. For me, each one tells a story or a memory.

This is just normal. I have hundreds of stuffed animals from childhood.

OMG, WHY did you get your dog stuffed?! Was it naughty or something?

hmm...nice..cute...but really,can this or should this be a secret?

Dude... I am a 24 year old female and I must sleep every nite with my stuffed animal dog which I got at a hospital gift shop when my grampa was dying when I was 10 yrs old. LOL you are not alone.

Dude... I am a 24 year old female and I must sleep every nite with my stuffed animal dog which I got at a hospital gift shop when my grampa was dying when I was 10 yrs old. LOL you are not alone.

So what? I still have a whole collection of toys from my childhood! One huge white stuffed teddy (I have no shame, his name is Frosty), a little panda with a heart from Santa (a gift from my Dad's own pocket at times of hardship, now I know the whole truth), another little bear on a swing- hell, even the wooden rocking horse my Dad made me is still in the attic!<br />
I can't let go of any of these things, they remind me of all the battles and struggles my parents got me through as a child. I was born with pneumonia and had about a 2/5 chance of survival, but I'm 22, mildly disabled but otherwise healthy. The rocking horse will be a family heir to my children, the teddies I cherish forever. My Mum still has her Mr Brown and she's 50 next year! She even has a rather funky blanket which become the family sicky blanket as my brfother and I associated it with motherly comforts. Don't be ashamed of who you are! Your teddy and blanket make you part of the man you are today!

I have a stuffed ostrich I sleep with- I'm 19!<br />
It's absolutely fine :)

Sweetie...Comfort items are a wonderful thing. Nothing wrong with holding onto cherished items that gave you feelings of joy as a child. My daughter is 22 and has several items she sleeps with when she is home. I think it is wonderful. :D

i am 18 and have had a brown teddy bear and i cant think of what i would be like without it i think that keepin things like that makes us think of our childhood and how carefree we were and if anyone asks i would admit that i do sleep with a teddy because if they dont like me for that then then they missin out on what a great person i am

Well im 14 and I have these two small pillows which I ve had since I have memory and I cant sleep well without them. Even though my sisters make fun of me about it, im not planning to get rid of them. I love them and I depend on them to get a good, deep sleep every single night.

You have nothing to feel bad about. I'm a 50 year old who did not have any toys, dolls, or stuffed animals as a child. Bt now I have quite a collection. I'm not ashamed. When my children were small and when my grandchildren come over, we play with them together. This is no secret to anyone who knows me. No one should cever be deprived of things that comfort them at whatever age they are.

RE VegaNadir's comment....... hit the nail on the head!!! Having things from childhood are very comforting and hold wonderful pleasant memories..... People keep photo albums for the same reason. I have many of my childhood possessions..... they are like a time machine........ I would sleep with my Teddy and my 'Raggy' (Raggedy Ann) except I am afraid my rat terrior and my cats would eat and claw them respectively!!! LOL ... as the dog and cats insist on snuggling with me which I don't mind a bit!!!! Jonnywoo... you rock!!

That's adorable. The only reason you feel you have to hide it is because society and, in particular, male conditioning have taught you to feel ashamed. It's really destructive to your mental well-being to succumb to those things, but I understand how hard it is not to. I understand hiding it from people with that kind of attitude, because I don't really see why you'd want to trust sharing anything that matters with people like that, but, for god's sake, don't be ashamed of it. Just remember that MANY females (I, for one) find it terribly endearing. You definitely have that over a bunch of macho meatheads.

Aw, but that's so cute! Don't get rid of it if it still gives you comfort. I still have stuffed animals that I keep around. I don't really cuddle with them at night or anything, but I still have them. It's a piece of your childhood, hang on to it!

Aww I think that's kinda long as if you have company in your bed, said pup makes room for said company ;)

I had a simple shaped red corduroy dog as a little boy and somewhere along the line it got lost. I've wished, as an adult man, now 44, that I could still have that little dog. I have pictures of my playing with it. Suppose I could try to find or make a new one. Several years ago my mother passed on to me the quilted blanket that I had. It was never something that I couldn't do without but it was nice and I'm glad I have it still. I'm sentimental, I guess.

I think it's very cute and meaningful...I still have soem early childhood items also adn my entire comic book collection

good for you. we all need things that make us feel safe

haha as i read this, im sitting here with my little piece of sheep skin that i've had since i was a kid in my hand, in my face. <br />
<br />
trust me, lol i have this problem too- but i love it. i dont care what anyone thinks. i keep it with me EVERYWHERE I GO. im not even exaggerating. purse, pocket, handbag, etc. it went to prom with me in the highschool and it will go to work with me. it is with me always. <br />
<br />
and i understand that if i lose it, ill be able to go on without it. but its okay to love something

that is a beautiful secret.

What is wrong with having something that comforts you? <br />
I'm so glad you wrote this story, Jonnywoo.<br />
<br />
I'm so sad that the new comfort is an <br />
<br />
You live in the real world.

i am 23 and still sleep with my teddy bear i got as a young child my mother keeps trying to get me to leave him out of the bed but i just cant stand the thought of him being left all alone on cold nights =) i also have several unicorn figures that i collected all through my child hood

im 35 and i still sleep with my teddies too and my stuff lion too

That's not so bad.

Come on, Schmilt. <br />
Spill it.

Wonderful !!<br />
The two comments, by the ladies above, are just perfect.

In my opinion, such things shouldn't need to be secrets. I still have a little collection of stuffed animals, too, and my mini army of X-Men figurines :) I'm a 25-year-old woman. Being ourselves is a wonderful thing!