Heart Broke And Confused

im so confused i think one boy loves me and lets me down hard and a nother boy i loved every time we would touch it felt like elictristy ran throu me he only rason he dated me was because he was tired of hearing me cry every day and to tell me that to my face ....................harsh i dont think any one will ever love me

liz1998 liz1998
13-15, F
6 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Eh the right one doesnt come along until You learn to love You first

Value yourself and be confident cuz if the guy treats you like trash then he deserves nothin but trash ! You don't have to wait for them .. Be independent so they'll run after you !

Value yourself honey. Any man that doesn't treat you right isn't worth it! Pursue your dreams

i do have a boy friend ya no

omg do u no how long ago that was

YOU are still young!!! you ll get over it. Believe me some where the perfect lover is waiting for you, just be patient and keep your eyes open!!!!!!!!