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I Want To Sing At A Karaoke Bar

i may not be the most talented singer out there but i want to have fun. its out of character for me and that holds me back. maybe if i had the right audience i'm not sure. and if i did do it it would be songs nobody would have ever heard of. life stuff by the clazziquai project i don't know.


sigh maybe someday...

deleted deleted 26-30 2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

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DO IT<br />
<br />
What you gonna lose?

Get out there and sing karaoke. To bad you don't live near me i would have you over. I live in a town called Algona Wa. It's a small town outside of Seattle. I had a karaoke bar at one time and sold it about 3 yrs ago. I t's sooooo much fun and who cares if you can't sing. A lot of good practice sessions could help. I help so many out there that were trying to express them selves. Or invest on a little system yourself. Or they have free karaoke on the internet. Choices are out there. Or take a friend with you to a bar on a wk.end ,they are around. Good luck and happy singing. Haunted5