Meeting Otis Williams [the Original Otis Williams]

I met the man of my dreams one night. Otis Williams the original and only surviver of the Temptations.

It was back in 2006-2007 when I went out to compete in a singing competition with a karaoke group in Everett Wa.

I walked into this club with numerous people surrounding this man. I knew I had seen this person before. My older sisters loved the group The Temptations.

He went up to sing in front of the crowd and sang My Girl & Not too proud to Beg. Doing all his fancy foot work to go along with it.

My friend later introduced me to him and I couldn't believe it. He said what's your name pretty Lady? I later got a call after going home that Otis Williams wanted to take myself and frieinds out for the evening. We all met at a casino and listened to him sing once more.

Through time I became good friends with him and must say he's the most down to earth person you could ever meet.

I have several photos to share and a signed autograph of the first original group. He moved to Philly in 2007 and I miss him.

The Temptation Group now is not the original group. They if they haven't already are being sued by Otis Williams for useing his identity and group name.

So if you ever want to hear some great music again put on The Temptations. It's really worth listening too. Haunted 5 

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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

What fun! Otis sounds like a really nice man---Haven't heard the Temptations in I don't know how long...One of the great things about the internet is: If you want to see a group and hear their music--just go to YouTube! I'll see if I can get some of the Original Temptations on there.