Behind Blue's Eyes

The title says it all briefly in a couple of sentences you'll see. My name is blu one of this young person alters or as people sometimes call alter-ego's her eyes are blue her father gave her the name beautiful blue thus I was born I am few and far between seen because she's never let me out for the world to see, she has natural beauty about her she hides behind baggy clothes and pulled back hair. Dare i even began to mention the fact that disassociated identity disorder plays the major role in her everyday life she needs all of us to survive. For its people from all walks of life thats past judgment on her for being VERY DIFFERENT all the other parts of her expect me for blue they never do see I am truely one of a kind, for people's life's I've touched have told me so I am left to wonder will I ever get my chance to shine or merely do I sit back and see family friends coworkers never understand why it is they never get blue which should be out but because of the teasing and laughing and namecalling alters will be all they ever see
beautifulblue beautifulblue
22-25, F
Feb 21, 2010