I Have Never Experienced Some Of The Real Pleasures Of Sex

It is embarrassing to say but " I have never experience oral sex" give or rec....I want to but it is not something you can just ask a woman if she

would like to give me a blow job and if she would let me go down on her....besides it is one of those things that both of you need to be excited

about....enjoying each other...my day will come....I hope....

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i would give u one

It depends on the indevisual my self i love it but my wife does not ,so it will be up to you after you done it weather you like or not.

When you are having sex, during the for play part, just start giving her a tung bath and kissing her down her body. Once you get to that place, slip in your tong. Lick her ****, and suck on it. Use your tong to tong F*** her. Lick up and down her hole slit. Pay close attention to her ****, and find her G-spot. Once you have found that drill it with your tong. Do not camp out down there but do a good job and she will have the big "O". She will probably reciprocate after you have done her. Good luck my friend,

Lea is 100% correct....<br />
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Seriously dude, if you can't find a woman willing, find a nice guy. Have some fun!

Don't know where you live but oral is great my friend, hoping to move to arizona soon. If your ever in the area, I would love o do you and you can do me also....... I think you will like it.

Oral is a wonderful thing, a true pleasure to be enjoyed

Oral is a wonderful thing, a true pleasure to be enjoyed

And have you ever considered another guy?

Thanks Braborman,,,that is a great offer....Larry

Damn I love oral sex and I feel bad for you, would ask my wife to help you if you lived a little closer...

Don`t get embarrassed, at least you`re normal.<br />
I get embarrassed everytime my dad asks me why don`t I marry the wonderful guy that asked me to marry him, the truth is that I never had sex and I`m so scared so I keep turning everyone down, the most embarrsssing fact is that I`ve no desire to have sex.

All of things I guess...I was married but my wife did not believe in oral sex...actually I am still married by have been separated for almost 13 years....I sort of gave up on dating and women for a while...I am some what shy....I do not like to go to bars.....and I am not someone who is not going to pay for sex when it should be a pleasure between both and I am not going to have oral with some stranger....I hopefully will enjoy the pleasure someday....some of my friends say it is not all that great and that I should not be concerned with it ...but I would like to experience it...what is your thoughts is it an enjoyable experience?

how? how do you get to your age and not experience this?