The Other Part Of Me

I have an alter ego named Nikki she's every man's fantasy and the envy of most women. She is sexy and confident everyone around her knows it, she is also a FREAK she likes to be called dirty names and loves sex both with men and women at the same time even. She likes to be choked and spanked like the BAD GIRL she loves being. She likes it when you play hard to get b/c then you become prey . She is ALWAYS in control of the bedroom. She's been hurt plenty so  wants nothing to do with your heart and will break it if you give it to her. She'll take your husband and make him her ***** wreck your home and sleep soundly at night. She is turned on but MONEY, POWER, and RESPECT and when her man is in his office/work  demanding just that, she'll blow him and walk away with the taste of his babies on his lips and love every drop........ No 1 has ever really met Nikki b/c  am a "good girl"  and most of the things she'd do LOL I don't think my hubby would never look at me the same:(

airmanswifey airmanswifey
26-30, F
2 Responses Feb 25, 2010

she is my alter ego and i love her lol