Alter Ego's.

This is my main alter ego. Here I'm more myself than I am under my real name on other sites. My real name acknowledges my bisexuality on very few sites, my nudism on a few more than that. It doesn't acknowledge my webcam ************ under its original spelling, and certainly doesn't mention anything to do with sex anywhere.

Other aliases: (Should that be aliai?)

I was a 14 yr old nudist girl for a while, my original idea being to 'out' the people using nudist sites as sex sites with underage kids.

I occasionally am a nudist family where honesty and openness are important, and I talk to other nudist parents. (In a way that's not really an alias, I just choose to change some names, and exaggerate at times.

I haven't for a long time been a single father with a teenage daughter.

I haven't for a long time 'been' my ex partner, actually her sex life now is more interesting than I ever invented.

Why am I these other people? Its simple really, it gives me chance to live life outside my normal existance, I can be myself 24/7 if I choose.

That's really why I like this site. I can confess to things, I can be truthful about my 'adventures', and apart from the odd derogatory comment I know that people have come to that 'experience' through interest or because it reflects on their life.

matterinhand matterinhand
51-55, M
Feb 25, 2010