The Affair That Started It All

  For a few years, I was not a good person. I had broken up with my fiance and I was having revenge sex with anyone who would have me. I was 20 and I really had a thing for older men. They really had a thing for me too. I had been seeing a guy for a few months. He was 37. He was cut and handsome and charming. He was a surgeon and had 3 huge houses. In one of those houses, his wife and 2 kids lived. I knew about them. He talked about his kids all the time but he never talked much about his wife. Apparently, she had stopped sleeping with him 3 years earlier. They fought all the time and he was ready to divorce her, but he didn't want to hurt his kids. I didn't expect commitment of any kind out of him and all our needs were satisfied so I was a perfect option to have on the side. One night, was out with another guy in town and I saw them together. She was gorgeous. I couldn't understand why he and she would be having problems. But, the light was literally gone from their eyes when they looked at each other. AFter I got back home that night, I hatched a plan. I had a feeling that she was one of those women that was just bored. Being the wife and mother had sucked the life out of her. So, I thought maybe a shock would awaken some long ago forgotten part of her sex drive. So,  I arranged for her to walk in on us. I called Brent and told him I needed him right at that moment. It was 11pm at night and he came running to my office. I was a graphic designer at the time and worked bizarre hours, but apparently that didn't matter. He always came running when I called. My office was located next to a bar at the time. Then, i called his wife and said that I was a bar tender at a bar. Brent had been drinking and was too drunk to drive home. She was pissed, but I gave her the address and she was on her way. I told her that the bar was closing, but he would be inside the building next door. When Brent showed up, I was propped against the door frame. I wore my work suit and mussed my hair up a bit. My eyes were dark and my shirt was unreasonably low cut. I looked devastating. He came in and I walked him back to my desk. He had no idea, as I shut the door, I had left a sign on the front door that told his wife to let herself in. He grabbed me and walked me back to where he knew my desk was, this was not the first time we had done this in this particular location. He propped me on my desk and dropped to his knees between my legs. He propped my knees on his shoulders and pushed my panties to the side. He then, devoured me. Just as I was beginning to ***, I saw the headlights slow outside. I knew it was her. That, for some reason, only heightened my state and I came. Seconds later, he stood up and I heard the front door open. He turned when he heard it and freaked. "It's your wife" I told him. "Invite her to join us." I dropped to my knees and took his hard **** into my mouth. His wife walked in and her mouth gaped open. Yet, no words were yelled. Instead, she watched. Then, Brent reached his hand out and waited for her to join him. She walked over to him and he kissed her. I could tell by the way his **** surged in my throat that he hadn't been kissed like that in a while. Then, she reached her hand down and stroked my hair. That was surprising. I didn't think she would warm up to me so quickly, but I was game. So, she dropped to her knees and we shared his ****. Then, when he was about to explode, we both pulled back and laughed that we both knew his body's cues so well. He lay on my desk, and she straddled his hips. Slowly, she sank herself down on him. I kissed her while she did. She winced in pain and he groaned in pleasure. I reached my hand between us and pleasured her. Seconds later, she did the same to me. Then, Brent told me to sit on his face, so I did. Within minutes, all 3 of us were *******. When we were done, no words were spoken. They were both cuddling each other and getting dressed. They would go home and make love again that night, I was sure. As for me? It was time to move on. I needed something else. Brent was where he needed to be. But, St. Louis was a big town. Certainly there was someone who wanted to get in some trouble. I went to a pool hall down the street. I sat down at the bar and ordered a coke. The man next to me put down a 5 on the bar in front of me. "Thanks for the drink." I said as the bar tender took it and set down my coke. I looked at him. He was gorgeous. Tall, dirty blond hair. Nice coat. "what are you doing out here so late?" "I could ask you the same question." I countered. "Jeremy" He offered his hand. "-------" I told him my name as well. Then, he slipped me his number with his left hand. That was when I saw the unmistakable gleam of a gold band on his finger. Before I knew what had happened, it had started.


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3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

I've never been walked in on, but I have been caught - it did improve our marriage.

I don't think so either squirrel.....but one can wish

If I had walked in on my ex-wife and her boyfriend before we were divorced, I don't think it would have turned out that well.