Every Day

every day i think of ending my life or hurting myself . i have nerous system problems and doc's can't pinpoint it . i curl up in a ball . put myself in a box and don't let anyone in . i don't want to hurt anyone i love , anything that means anything to me . i just tell me i am fine . when it is a war inside my head and of my body . harder to move , harder to talk , harder to do anything really except type on this computer .  the baths don't really help . my fiance says i don't talk beucase  she is going through alot her self and i don't want to add anything more to her plate .  this is my secret .  also another one is my fiance family thinks my dad ran off to maryland but he did and came back .

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1 Response Feb 26, 2010

I'm sorry for your pain, but ending your life isn't the answer. There are a whole lot of different options out there for pain. If something didn't work try something else. Try alternitive methods like yoga, acupuncture and such. Good luck to you, you'r too young to give up.