Well I am 28 years old and I wear diapers, I wear them due to incontinence, but I like to wear them. I like baby items too, I feel like a child and my dream is to have someone baby me, and keep me diapered. I like drinking from a bottle and would love to have someone keep me this way.

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Hi baby lee, I am a toddler in ogden, Utah I wear pampers alot,toddler clothes too,like Short-talls! Esp. During the spring,summer months!! We should meet n hang out as friends! Wally .....I like it ALL, bottles. N especially. My pacificer!!

yeah,but it is a kink/wateva that is bound to attract ewwwwwww's,so good on you badboy bubby

Don't knock it till you try it IFoundYourDiary. and it isn't the diaper, but the care and attention, that one might find attractive.

ewwwwwwww. <br />
Kinda weird but whatever floats your boat. Do you really think people find that intimitate? Thats why we potty train at a year old cuz no one likes that mess. When you cant help it , its one thing, when you crap your pants and it offends others thats a different story altogether. Who wants to take care of someone who smells bad? Shakes head. Not into weird crap like that.

I must admit, there is a certain attraction to having someone take care of you; just keep your priorities strait. There are many who would let this get out of hand.