Everyone Thinks Im Wonderful Person, But Im Just A Nasty Rat..

Its not about complexion or self-critique, I have done horrible things, and as I dont talk about them, I get credit as a nice , helpful friendly person.

I am selfish manipulator. I make others to do or to pay for my caprices. And I dot care about those people, I just abuse them .

Everything I do is legal and maybe with less concience i could excuse myself...

So my family thinks Im sweet nice good person. My freids know bit more, but they forgive me.

But I feel like lieing to my family.

And I hade my real life from my family As I live in distance from them, they dont know what I really do...

An I feel fear... I see dreams... And I feel horriblebecouse of it....

patriotia patriotia
22-25, T
Feb 27, 2010