This Was A Long Time Ago, But...

When i was around the age of 4 or 5, we were celebrating my sister's birthday. I believe she was turning 8, but i'm not sure. I was so excited because we had a pony and knew i'd get to ride on it, plus all of her friends were coming over and i liked hanging out with the older kids. haha. Well, i totally ended up ruining her birthday...

I had a different cat at the time and i saw it trying to kill and eat a mouse while i was sitting on the swing set. Trying to be a good person and save the mouse, i walked over to my cat and pulled the mouse away from it. Not only was my cat angry at me at this point, but i guess the mouse was too, because some how it bit my forearm and i started bleeding profusely. I was in shock. But, I was smart enough to take the mouse and give it back to my cat for payback (:

I ran into my house in tears with my arm full of blood and told my mom what happened and mom had to rush me to the hospital, taking my sister with us, leaving the pony with my dad and all of her guests with my dad.

I don't think she's over it yet. I still have the scar.

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

nothing wrong with trying to be a nice person.

That sounds very painful. It was nice what you did for the cat, though! I don't see that you did anything wrong for a kid that age.