When I Was 14....

I had gone through the worst break-up ever. I tried my hardest to live my life and forget about all the pain that he and I myself, have caused me. I still kept contact with his cousin. She was pretty nice to me and we would talk and I knew she had cheated on who was her boyfriend and when I met the boyfriend, I felt wrong because I knew something and he didn't.

   I would call her on her phone and he would answer. He would start flirting with me and I was really confused but I thought he was just being nice. On that april, she had left deported to peru. I had went to go see him and hang out for some reason and that day he started flirting with me and I didn't know what was going on. He wanted to have sex and i was like no. I would have problems at home and i would go to his house and stay there and after a time, i started liking him and that's where it all started.

     I started having sex with him and i felt right with him but I knew that he loved my ex's cousin. it kept on going until I was 16, and a couple months before that I told him the truth about what she had done.

   Later on, he asked me to be his girlfriend and go live with him. My family and I decided to move to another state and I told him no. After that I spoke to him on the phone a couple of times but then I didn't hear from him and I never thought I ever was.


Two years later. I was 18 and had gone back to that state and tried finding him but I couldn't remember how to get to his house. A few months later, I tried again and remembered and I went to where he lived and saw him on the back of his car, looking through some stuff in the trunk. I went up to him and said hi and he gave me a big hug and started talking. We went into his house and somehow we made out. I had a boyfriend at that time and things just didn't seem right but it happened.

After that, my ex's cousin came and I found out that she was pregnant. I felt weird to talk to her and she denied that she ever cheated on him. But i was like whatever, it's none of my business anyways. A few weeks later, I found out I was pregnant as well and then I left back to the state I lived at.


I still keep in touch with him. Even though things happened that way, i just know that it was wrong but it was right too. I really liked him but I don't know why I did it. I think i did it in revenge to my ex but it was all stupid. This is something I haven't told anyone.

Now I realize that I really like him but even though he wants to be with me, i just can't. Things are way different now...

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It's over. Move on.