My Secret Gift

I am taking my best friend on a trip to the East Coast for a birthday gift. My family hates my friend and so I am secretly taking the money out of the bank to pay for it. at first I felt very very guilty about it. Now I dont. It is something I want to do and WILL do it. I want to enjoy this trip with my friend no matter what they say.

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5 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Don't worry have fun

Well, if you feel that your friend is worth it, then it doesnt matter what your family say. They obviously dont see what you see. Have a great time :)

well, your secret is safe with me. I hope you have a great trip with your best friend and enjoy every second of it.

She must be a special friend, to do that. I hope you have a great time

hhmm make sure you share some photo's of your secret holiday and tell us some juicy secret stories if your adventures ha ha ha