I Am Bi-sexual

I've been attracted to women AND men for as long as I can remember. But I've only dated 1 girl. No, I'm not confused at all.....I know exactly what I like. When I was young....I can remember looking at other girls and wanting to feel my body against theirs. And nothing drives me crazier than another woman's kiss.

Shonda Shonda
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Thanks for sharing that with us babe.....xx

so nice wot fun x

My dear, many people feel like you do....hang in there....things will sort itself out...

I hate the stigma that goes along with the word bisexual. Its hard because its easy to feel like you don't belong in the gay world or the straight world. Guys automatically think it means you want a ********* and gay girls won't mess with you half of the time. The way I deal with it is to just be me. I feel that people are either going to be drawn to it or they won't be but regardless that is not a reflection of me. Just go with your heart and you will always be happy.

its allright babe. i'm bisexual too. i've been with mostly men and just a few women. honestly, anyone can hurt you, and anyone can love you. male or female. as long as you are happy and healthy that is all that matters.

No, we just comment on her story. There isn't even a question in the story.. <br />
And why is somebody else touching your penis? (since the hands are black and the legs are white). <br />
Show some respect bro.

Every one here is trying to read every one's mind!.................are you all experts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Shonda, I admire your dedication. Having flings when you are in a relationship is out of the question for me. I hope you will find "the one".

I think bisexuality is perfectly normal.I am a midle aged man, and been bi all my life. Had the childhood fun with best friend, that is documented normal. and even after marriage, I had a couple secret flings. after divorce, I had a fiance that indulged me in MFM threesums, and they were wonderfull! I believe humans are just sexual. attraction- physical and other, doesn't necesarily depend on social norms. Think of Sparta(the real history,and not TV) where men took male lovers till they were 30. then married women (and you know they still saw their boyfriends)

Well sunbeam, I don't know about anyone else but....when I am in a relationship I only have eyes for the person I am in the relationship with....whether it be a boy or girl. Of course, there might come a time when someone I find attractive crosses my path. I might look but I won't act on it. There's nothing wrong with looking. But I never feel the desire to be with both sexes at once. That would defeat the purpose of even getting into a relationship.

Hey Shonda, here's a reply from a typical guy :). I like the thought of two nice women together. Maybe that is the fantasy of having a ********* :P. <br />
Having a ********* isn't a very good fantasy, because afer the first I am totally wasted :P.<br />
<br />
Now seriously: I wonder if you like boys AND girls, how can you be with a boy or a girl? If you have a relationship, isn't it hard not to look at the other sexe? I know my adversaries, these are other boys. But if I have to be cautious with other girls too, it would drive me mad!

lmao @ lualee.....uhhh im sorry but....if you have a problem with bi sexuals or gay people then wtf r u reading this for????

i'm sorry but,...ew. =l

I know what you mean MeMena. I know some men that think there is no such thing as a lesbian or bi-sexual woman. They think it's just sexual. But that's not true. I believe that if you can make a connection and fall in love with someone of the same sex.....A good relationship can come out of it. But if you only want to have sex with someone of the same sex....that's a different story. And when some men see or hear a woman talking about being with another woman, they see an opportunity to fulfill their fantasy of being with 2 or more women at a time.

well I kow that I am Bi sexual I did not act upon it untill my divorce was finalized ,nor did I date women either there is nothing wrong with being Bi I am glad I acted on it and I relly enjoy another man but you have to be carefull in all thingsI would really like to find a lady who is bi that way I know she would except me for who I am.I only will ever get together with some one who takes me for me

i know what you mean,but if my husband knew it would hurt him..........

There is nothing wrong with being the woman you are and if you are bi then so be it. There are those who have small minds and don't like it, but you have to do what is best for you. You have to do what makes you happy and don't worry about anyone else. Whatever you do just make sure that you protect yourself and don't let anyone take you where you don't want to go. Hopefully you can make some friends here and then you never know what might happen. I wish you luck and be careful.

I've totally had the same feelings. I've always been attracted to both men and women and never really thought twice about it. I don't really tell too many people because girls suddenly get uncomfortable around you and guys... yeah, they think ur all about sex and try to hit on you. I've had one real girfriend but things never really got very 'physical.' But from my experience, no guy has ever kissed me the way a girl has. And feeling their body against mine is bliss. <br />
<br />
But I hate that as soon as things like that show up on most sites, all of a sudden every horny person there wants to talk about sex. I feel like/hope that that is not the case on this site. Your secret jus made me want to share mine too. <br />
<br />
Thanks :)

ul be ok love. i know its ridiculously hard being bisexual. men want toabuse the fact and most chicks just dont get it and if u tel them they keep back incase u like them, stupid people. there out there tho, ur not alone and its just a matter of finding them, i find chat sites helpful even just to talk im really picky about it tho cos there are lots of stupid ppl just taking the ****