A Nephew

Just recently a nephew came squatting with me. however, the boy is almost eighteen years old attenting a high school closer to my apartment. furthermore, the basis of him coming to squat was as a result of the parents relocated to a much more distance place, which has made it difficult for the boy coping with transporting to school on daily basis. then the parents resolved that the boy should come and squat with me. however, one day i had to returned from office with my rent which i intended to pay during the period but unfortunatly i could not secure chance to make the payment due to tight schdule. then, i needed to keep the rent inside my suite poket hang on the wall hanger after about two weeks, i returned to check if the money was still in-tact, then i found out the money has been moved to different place after searching, then i quickly counted the money and it was correct. meanwhile, i never had a pre knowledge about the boy being indulge in stealing habit so i quickly thought my wife could be the one responsible for the movement of the cash then i returned the cash to the initial place without enquiring from my wife. however, a week later after consented with my care-taker to come and make the payment i now went straight to where i kept the rent and found out the money has been tampered with by removing =N= 8,000. immediately i raised an alarm by involving my wife first which she confirmed her innocent, then i began to consider if the boy could be responsible for such act meanwhile, it was on weekend the boy has already gone back to spend the weekend with the parents so now i had to make a phone call by calling the mother telling her the story and acked her to confirm from the boy he's innocent and after much scolding and findings the boy confesses. now, 'am still debating either to send him packing or giving him second chance.      

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Ask him why he did it. Go to him at his parents place and ask him why. Then tell him unfortunately his actions have consequences. He'll have to live with his parents and ride the bus or go to school by his parents. If he ever tries to blame you, just ask hin, "who stole the money?"

This is really harsh and I originally thought I'd go the other way, but then I thought, "Could you ever trust him alone in your house with money again?" The other motivating factor is that scientists are finding out that the boy brain does not stop maturing until they are 25. He needs a good slap in the frontal cortex.

why is he taking the money is he on drugs his parents should know ,do not let him back he is 18 .

At eighteen, he knows exactly what he's doing. I wouldn't give him the time of day if I were you.

Honey, the kid's too old to be going around taking people's money. You need to get shy of this kid in a hurry.<br />
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