Hear Me Out

everytime something goes wrong in my marriage its my fault

h0lding0n85 h0lding0n85
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

Hi, <br />
I very much doubt what you believe to be true, we all make mistakes yes, however when something goes wrong ( life throws us a curve-ball) it is NOT necessarily our own fault!<br />
I am not too sure if you feel generally insecure or whether someone has told you that everything that goes wrong is down to you, ......however you must realise that regarding marriage it does take two & i can only hope that the person you are married to is not the one making you feel the way you do.<br />
If ever you want to talk, if you need and are searching for a longterm friend then please feel free to contact me, take care, Indian-Spirit ( Taima).