Stupid Darn Friends!

not only one friend that is bothering me but 3. im sitting in the lecture hall waiting for the doctor to arrive, so the three muskateers enter the ****** hall and normally come sit next to me! hi hi im good u ? fine etc. i wasnt even in the mood and im tired and about to be sick. the girl next to me gives me her back and starts talking to the others shes the mutherfuckin hoe that i hate the most. she gives me her bk and they all start to talk and totally ignore my presence .. come on wtf????!!!!!! and they do this evertime! so the girl who gave me her bk turns once in a while " im really sad that ure tired:" **** you *****
theres a project and a group project, so they write their names and ****** forget about me and sbmit it... they ddnt even ask me to join them I HATE THEMMMMM SO MUCHHHHH
Segygal Segygal
18-21, F
Mar 9, 2010