Someone Else Had My Heart

I was dating another guy the same time I was dating my future husband. They each had qualities that I absolutely loved and together they made the perfect guy. After about a year of dating both of them, I called it off with the one and married the other  (3 years later). I went with the one that I new would make me laugh when things were tough. Although I cared for the other guy very  much, he hit me as the type that would run when thing were difficult.

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2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

no sex didn't factor in, as both were quite incredible. Ironically, my husband and I can't have sex due to his illness, well can't have sex in the conventional way of intercourse... : ) I think there are different forms of passion. I don't mind the personal questions. Thanks for feeling comfortable enough to ask. : )

did the sex come into ? i know its personal but id be intrested to know if your choice for a more emotional stable realtionship . they say passion fades its the rest that counts i just wonderd if that was part of the choice you made ?