Mother Vs Boyfriend .

I dated this guy for 4 years .. he cheated on me after 2..we just very recently broke up

... my mom hates him and so does the woman i work for .. I feel like part of the reason i dont want to be with him anymore is to just shut them both up .. im so tired of them telling me how to live my life .. 

and now they finally got what they wanted.. 

i dont know if im happy about it yet.. im in a different country and go back home in a week .. i never wanted it to end the way it did.. 

i almost feel worse just because i crushed him .. i hate hurting people and always try to please EVERYONE.. and half of the time im not  happy ...

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Half of the time you aren't happy. Think of what makes you happy and follow your hearth, not your mother, not your boss and even not your boyfriend. Don't do things that will hurt you and satifies others. Likewise don't do things that will hurt others and satisfy you. <br />
But.. being with a boyfriend which your mother does not like and she meddeling with YOUR life shows lack of respect to you and your boyfriend. It is your life and you decide if he's right for you. How can your mother know if he 's right for you?

if you love him...i mean TRULY love him it shouldnt matter what any of those people think. if they truly care bout u and want you to be happy and he is what makes you happy than they should get over the past. people make mistakes, we are all human but if it happened more than once he doesnt deserve a second chance because if he loved you as much as it sounds like than he shouldnt have done it mroe than once or even once. but darlin u cant live for what your parents and co workers want for you. yes they care bout you but if you are happy with him than follow your heart and tell them that you apperciate them trying to help you but you need to make your own decisions and learn from your own mistakes. you gotta make yourself happy. you have one life to live and you need to live it the way you choose darlin. hope i helped.