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hi new to this, i am from the u.k. my secret is may not be every one's cup of tea, no it's not that for some years now ,i have wanted to get in a fist fight with a female,the thing is i am male, i know it's not right but women here are so fiesty, when i was younger i was challenged by a girl for a fight, i of course backed out saying it's not right to fight a girl she said am i weak or scared, i told her neither but she still wanted to go some where out the way and private and duke it out, she picked on me because she had bigger fists than me, any way we diden't fight.

but nowadays i would like just to have one fight with a female, i hear so many punch ups between male and female, here some times the female wins  and i just want to see how i fair against a female, i am a small build man this may sound silly yes i do have very small hands for a man they are the size of a 6yr old girl  i know hand size isen't the issue.

let me know what you think.


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well thank you for your comment destiney24, as you read my story i am not your average size man its just finding and getting into a fight with a female not sure how to go about it

thanks for the comment, i haven taken it on board, buti just want to do for the experiance, of having just one fight with a women, its got nothing to do about beating or getting beaten up, yes i have had fights with men. as you said i have to move on, if your still against it then its your view& comment

just one comment is it just women you wish to fight or are you intending to fight men too!....this doesnt sound right to me. not remotely. violence is not the answer to anything especially not fixing your ego as this incident has obviously stuck with you for too long. the girl/bruiser your talking about is long gone...forget her and move on with the understanding that you done the right thing.

ok this may not sound a good thing but in my view if women are prepared to even try to pick a fight <br />
this is he 21st centuary but if strongly provoked if a women comes at me with fists swinging i will defend myself and fight back if it ends in a full on fist fight that must be agreed by both male and female

Well consa gave you some good advice and I say If you really feel so inclined then do it. Just do it with someone that's agreed to and is equally excited about it. And remember to stick with someone your size! <br />
<br />
I think it's ok though, I mean i'm not for violence but you're doing it for the experience so it's ok in that sense. And i'm sure there's a woman out there that has been meaning to get into a fist fight with a man as well. <br />
<br />
Good luck !