I Always Fought With My Parents In The Dream When I Was A Child

I love my parents so so deep that the moment I miss them I will cry.

But still I am puzzling that time at which I lived with them when I was young ,I often saw them two in my dream that we are fighting.

then there they betrayed me and bullied me with other relatives,they all abused me,so I had to defence ,counterattack and revenge.which made me pretty sad when I waked.

I don't know why, those dreams make me sick . I dislike them.

lotusB lotusB
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4 Responses Mar 13, 2010

how are your dreams these days?.. . <br />
<br />
.. . i care about you sweetie :}

@ THEBIGM,you mean an online game? wrold of warcraft?lich king? lol ,sorry,maybe i haven't understood.lol

sounds like you are playing an online MMO, Defense, counterattack, revenge. What is this about, Warhammer?

no i am not living with my parent now, but we've just parted, they stay in one city and i am in another,<br />
and we often phone each other. Life is hard,so I struggle for making money and as a result I have to far away from them.<br />
maybe they once always let me do something that I don't wanna do ,so taht i had those dreams.but now I am out of their reach ,and they can't control me any more.lol<br />
and what else are you curious?