Raped By A Teen And Then Blackmail For 3 Years

I was about 42 and took pills to sleep during the day. One afternoon I awoke to someone giving me head. I thought it was the wife, untill I turned on the lights this 14 year old girl that live near by was helping her self. It was at a point you just can't stop. she said I just wanted to. I told her to never come in my house when no one was there. a week later the same thing I stopped her she said but I'm not alone my girlfriend is in the other room. put on a robe and sure enough here was her friend, watching TV. I made them both leave a few days go by and I awoke to all this noise, she was having a pool park. about 10 to 15 teens her age all naked. I got dressed and left the house. stayed at a neibores house until the left. I told my wife about it and she said I'll have a talk with her. this little ***** tells my wife I'll do what I want or I'll tell the cops he molested me. Don't get me wrong the sex was great but the blackmail was more than we could stand we sold the house just to get away from this teen.

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7 Responses Mar 16, 2010

you are a joker, living in your fantasies; I hope you soon end up in an asylum.

lol. i don't believe this for a moment. bullshit.

BEFORE YOU FALL FOR THIS FANTASY, LOOK AT HIS OTHER STORIES AND GROUPS. Gimme a break... His goal in life is to have SEX WITH A MIDGET for God's sake and he's a self proclaimed "sex addict".<br />
Maybe in his 70 year old shriveled up little dreams, lmao.


this story is pure fiction. what it is is that you probably would have liked to wake up and find your young neighbor giving you head. plain fantasy.

If I was your wife, I would've beat the hell out of that girl before leaving. She deserved a good *** kicking.

That's insane!!! Don't you lock your doors at night? I think you did the right thing by removing yourself from the situation. Hopefully, nothing else will emerge from a very twisted situation.