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I like tattoos and piercings, but only in moderation. I like small, dark, artful tattoos; and an eyebrow, nose, bellybutton, or even maybe tongue piercing can be hot. Three hundred piercings (exaggeration, hopefully) and a gigantic, brightly colored tattoo is not hot, IMO. And the very idea of any piercings "down there" freaks me out MAJORLY!! Ouch, and eww!  I'd like to get maybe an eyebrow or nose piercing someday, but I don't think I'm attractive enough to make it actually work well, lol. And considering that my ears, especially the right one, have had swollen and painful piercings on and off ever since I got them pierced like, 7 years ago, I'd rather not risk an infection/irritation on my face, lol. I'd also like to get a VERY small tattoo someday, just a tiny little thing so that I wouldn't be as likely to regret it. We'll see...I'm probably too scaredy-cat-ish to do any of that stuff, lol.

InvariableAlteration InvariableAlteration 22-25, F 3 Responses Jun 20, 2010

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Maybe one of these days I'll actually try it out, just get some pretty little design that I think I'll be able to live with when I hit that "Oh man I was stupid when I was younger." phase that everybody seems to go through, lol. There're genetic disorders that cause problems with tattoos? (I know nothing, lol)

Hmm, well I just have the lobes pierced, not up into the really cartilage-y parts...can lobes have that breaking cartilage thing too? I don't know anything about the anatomy of the ear, lol. <br />
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I keep jokingly suggesting around Mom that I might get a tattoo someday, but it's a running joke that I purposely say things I don't mean to try to shock her, so I don't think she even thinks I might seriously consider it, lol. I s'pose if I ever actually decide to move out I could get one and maybe have it not even be an issue, lol.

It was a gun they used to pierce my ears. I suppose it could just be that there's something up with my ears; hypoallergenic earrings seem to not irritate them as much, so maybe I just have sensitive ears? Though the right one does seem to be worse than the left. I don't know how all that works, lol. Maybe I jerked funny when they did that one...<br />
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Maybe I'll get a tattoo someday. Right now I couldn't really anyway since I think it would send my mom into fits, lol, and I don't want it bad enough to cause a fuss. I tend to handle needles decently, at least, so maybe it wouldn't be so bad; maybe I'll give it a go eventually, and just get something really small, lol.