Something Amazing.

I have never actually said I prefer girls with piercings or tattoo's.
But the fact I go mental over things like Suicide Girls probably gives it away.

I consider these an enhancement to whats already there. So if a girl is beautifal anyway a piercing or tattoo just makes them amazing.
I like girls with tattoo's on show. I know plenty of girls with very small ones in easly missable places like they're wrist, or ankle, lower back or similar places. But a girl with some big ones, on show for everyone to see makes me drool.

A girl with a piercing and a tattoo is pretty much a perfect girl for me.
I like that I prefer girls this way. Because for me it means I'm not going to end up with some girl who's fake, bitchy and annoying because a girl like that is never going to get a tattoo like the ones I adore.

I do have a potential flaw though. I have three piercings one of them is in my lip. I can forsee certain problems arising if a girl has a piercing in a similar place. But I think that would add to the fun a little bit.
AgeonAngel AgeonAngel
Jul 16, 2010