A Woman's Dark Side Is Sexy

I love it when I look at a pretty woman and see a sexy little tattoo peaking out from beneath her clothes or a woman with a cute face and a lip or nose piercing. Body modifications are ways to express our individuality and enhance our sexuality.

Normal is boring ;-)
FreeThinkerJames FreeThinkerJames
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AMEN Brother!!!

That's a shame, you'd look so sexy with a hot little tat.

There is no reason why an older woman can't get her first tattoo. My mother is 57 years old and she is planning her first one, possibly for the winter time.<br />
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If you have a design, some image that you think is beautiful and would like to make it a part of you, then go talk to an artist. Any reputable artist (someone who is in it for the art, not just the money) then he or she should be willing to sit down with you and draw out exactly what you want.<br />
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Definitely go with someone who already has a few tats, check the cleanliness of the shop, perhaps go to SEVERAL shops and talk to SEVERAL artists. Your first tattoo (any tattoo really but ESPECIALLY your first) should be well thought out and well planed.

@Library: Nipple piercings and hood piercings are HAWT! :-) Your tat sounds cool too. I personally like the look of "tramp stamps".<br />
@Opium: A .22 would be about a 000 gauge piercing ;-) <br />
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Umm, inflicting pain? Do tell X-D

What do you have pierced?<br />
<br />
And, what kind of tattoos are you looking at and where would you like to get them?

Then I guess I'm just boring. lol I prefer letting nature take care of my body art with things such as stretch marks (shows I've created life), wrinkles (shows I've gone some distance) and scars ( life has a way of leaving it's marks.) These are enough for me.