I'm a normal girl, no tattoos (yet) I do have 7 piercings but theyre all on my ears, and definatly dont want anything else pierced. But I love men with tattoos, black hair, and maybe a couple piercing, no gages though, gross. Idk what it is but its so sexy! I like other guys too, without that description. Example, Taylor Lautner lol. But I tend to go through a lot of phases. And right now I cant stop watching Escape the fate and Falling in reverse videos, I'm like obsessed with both Craig Mabbitt and Ronnie Radke. Maayyybeee Ronnie a little more hehe.
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true thats cool :) I also Really dig tattoos on people! I use to be more into piercings, but when I had my baby I had to take out my snake bites due to electric shock used for c section..then they closed :P I have 4 tattoos though,all done by my husband who is a tattoo artist. <br />
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Have a good day!!!! :)

Luuuckkkyyyy haha :)

Oh thats cool :) I look forward to seeing them