I'm Sort Of A Moral Purist

So desecrating or permanently changing your body is sort of a personal sin for me but I love men with ink. I would never get something myself. I don't think I could ever find the right symbol for me and I don't think I'm the type but I love my men with ink. It has to be well done, it has to be appropriate and jive with the person's character but I love it. I'm not into hearing needles or making your body into a work of art or anything like that but I love the way a man's arms look covered in dark, bright swirling designs. I was sitting on his guy's hips giving him a back rub last night and I got my first good look at his arms. All I could think was, "My god that's hot". He's got one of a wolf on his chest that I've seen pictures of but I haven't seen it in person yet. Mhmhm.
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Apr 7, 2012