Really I do have a weakness when I think about it for tattoos and piercings. I think its really hot on guys more than anything. I mean when, I see this guy walking around the mall with his tattoo dudes. I just really want to kiss the guy. I think its hot and sexy. It makes my tummy flutter with feelings I never knew I had when, it comes to guys with tattoos and piercings. ;) If your one, hit me up!
Monsterbunny17 Monsterbunny17
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I personally love a girl with tattoos and some piercing. My god they're hot. Especially when they have that heavy metal look! I can't help but stare...

What kinds of piercings and jewelry do you think look best on guys? Last year I got kind of addicted and ended up with several in each ear, but then I decided I didn't really like that look and let them mostly close up. Now I just wear one in each ear, but I really want to get more. I also pierced my septum a while ago, but I haven't found any jewelry for it that really seems to suit me, so I usually just keep a retainer in there. Any advice?