Tattoos And Tattoo Apprenticeship

Always loved tattoos and art, I got my first tattoo of a cross when I was in H.S and before I knew it the number of tattoos I had grew larger and larger. I became obsessed with tattoos, designs, colors and styles and started designing tattoos for friends and family and one day about a year and a half ago I was fortunate to become an apprentice to my long time tattoo artist. I've been getting tattooed by my teacher for almost ten years and always wanted to learn how to tattoo but never thought that I would gain the opportunity after being repeatedly turned down by other artist. But one day that all changed, the road thus far has been hard and extremely fustrating but I still love every minute of it. When I first started this apprenticeship, I had about 6 or 7 tattoos and now that numberd more then doubled, I love tattoos love experimenting with different ink brands and colors, its just been amazing. I'm finally starting to take clients which is exciting and nerve racking at times but the experience has been great. If any of you guys are in the new york westchester white plains area stop on by and hang out with us. Good Karma Tattoo Ny, were on fb Look us up and drop by
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26-30, M
May 5, 2012