Always Have!

I have got a tattoo on my back n planning on getting more when i have money n lost a bit more weight! (ITS A PRESSIE FOR BEING SO GOOD!!!)

I really want the corner of my lip pierced but im scared of the pain n the fact i work in a nursery so its not a very good idea!

I have a huge weakness for men with tattoos n piercing in it has never been a secret as i tell everyone! n all you need to do is lok at the guys ive been with!

Every guy has had either a tattoo or a piercing! I really fancied my best mates (at the time) brother he was gorgeous n then she told me he had a tattoo it was my mission to find it! It was on his shoulder blades n it was of wings! It was such a hot tattoo! n thats what made me get my tattoo!
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Apr 14, 2007