I have changed so many parts of my life, and so many parts of me have changed in the process. I have ink, but unless I'm sleeping with someone it's not obvious; and I don't really intend on getting more. The thing is, my taste in women has never changed. Nothing gets me hotter than a chick with a shaved head, or peircings, or heavy ink. There is something that just screams "Sexy Subculture" about the whole thing and I can't help it. I like girls with dark personalities and controversial outlooks on life, but in my "new circles" it just dosn't exist. Don't get me wrong, I could care less about what others think of me; but is it traitorous to mix theses seemingly conflicting lifestyle?
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I think it's quite an odd yet very interesting experience to combine both lifestyles, I do it (: ~

Twisted weird ,words mean the same in my book weird is good