Is It Just A Phase?

For some reason I find tattoos on a woman the most attractive about them. I love sleeves, tats on the torso and anywhere else on the body. The more she has the more im attracted. My fiance knows I love tattoos on girls and says she would never get one and got super mad when I got my first tat. She ignored me for about a week. She thinks I'm going trough a phase and will eventualy grow out of it. But iv always felt this way and my opinion has never changed ever since I was small. Will I eventualy get over this or will i always be attracted to girls with tattoos. Not that its a bad thing.:)
calilouie calilouie
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 1, 2012

if you have liked tats and piercings since being a child, i doubt it is a phase. plus it is no fun to grow out of some of the things we love.

I agree. It's just part of who I am:)