Yeah I Guess That I Do I Love ...

Yeah i guess that i do i love piercings more so than tattoos but one day one of my friends said that only trashy people hve tattoos and i almost hit her and i did tell her off and not talk to her for the rest of that month. it might have only been because both my parents and my brother have tattoos. but i know that i love piercings and only a couple of my friends know it but im trying to convince my mom to  let me get my lip peirced but she said that lip peircings are gross but she'll let me get a tongue ring if i want one. but i'm gonna wait until after i graduate highschool to get my tongue pierced. and she just doesnt seem to understand that.
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i am most definitely it just gets so frustrating having to

meh. rules are made to be broken... besides if you really want this so badly then you will wait till you dont need her permission

i have to have her permission to get any piercings except for ear

if its what you want then dont let her stop you.

I got my tongue pierced right after I graduated and I love it!!!