OOOooooooh Definetly

I guess you can almost call it a fettish. Theres something very sexy about a well placed decoration on the body :) I am in the process of getting the tibettan mani mantra tattoo across the top of my back in an abstract script. As far as piercings i've had my tongue pierced 3 times each time I was forced to take it out to conform... bleh.... and each time i got it repierced it hurt worse.. the last time I tried to push it through my own and it swelled up for like 5 days and bled like hell... eek! I miss it horribly and can't wait to get it repierced... its going to be a while before I can get it done though. Anyway I digress... yes... definet turn on!!!
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Absolutely!!! It holds all the teachings of Buddha in one mantra. To recite it or even to simply view it is supposed to bring good karma. The tibettan monks are known to have the mantra tattoo'd upon their bodies as well. Though usually in the origonal tibettan script.. mine is in the wartu script... I think it would make for a more origonal and more prodominant tattoo... its a very strong script

ouch....I cant imagine the pain of getting ones tongue pierced! I'd be so disturbed by the thought of food going down the hole! >_< So I stuck to my ears. I've got two holes on each earlobe and three cartilage piercings altogether. I wanna get more, going down my ear but my mom says thats enough for now and she refuses to sign the release thingy at the piercing parlour. Your back tattoo sounds interesting. Does the mantra mean anything to you, or is it just a random thing that you think is pretty?

The decorating of the body has been done throughout history through piercings, streatching of the earlobes, etc... There is, atleast in my opinion, nothing wrong with it. Many cultures agree with me. So... I suppose instead of your wife/girlfriend getting her ears pierced or buying makeup, the money would be better spent on the same thing